Common Green Darner

Anax junius

Common Green Darner (female)

Common Green Darner (male)


Common Green Darner (male)


Common Green Darner  (Anax junius)




About 3 inches


Breeding habitat:


Marshy ponds

Adult habitat:


Males usually patrol ponds about 3 feet above water surface.  Both may be found inland far from water when migrating.


Where they may be observed:  


Most ponds of any size including Gold Key Lake, Shohola Lake, Lake Lacawac.

Interesting facts:


Both male and female migrate South in the fall.  Northern dragonflies regularly show up in Florida.  Many are believed to actually fly to South America.  Common Green Darners are not capable of making a round trip.  Dragonflies migrate North in the Spring were from eggs laid in the South.  During the day, male Common Green Darners are almost constantly in motion.  When they land, they usually leave after only a few seconds.  Females will land and allow observers to come very close relying on their natural camouflage.