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Lacawac Sanctuary


Lacawac Sanctuary was established in 1966 by L. Arthur Watres as a community center for environmental education and as a field station for research to stimulate thought and practice in conservation. Operated by the non-profit Lacawac Foundation, the sanctuary not only provides research facilities for college and graduate students, but also seeks to preserve the pristine forest environment that surrounds Lake Lacawac, the most undisturbed glacial lake in Pennsylvania.

The Lodge at Lacawac was constructed in 1903 in the style of turn-of-the century lodges built by wealthy families in the Adirondacks. Luxurious in its day, the lodge was equipped with gas lighting, refrigeration, running water, indoor plumbing, and central heating. Today, the lodge has been restored. Minor improvements such as electric lights and updated cooking facilities provide modern conveniences while maintaining the lodge's rustic charm.

Lacawac Sanctuary provides an extensive series of programs open to the public. For further information you may write to:

Lacawac Sanctuary

RR-1 Box 1683

Lake Ariel, PA 18436

- or -


Lacawac Sanctuary is registered as a National Natural Landmark and as a National Historic Site

Directions to Lacawac Sanctuary

  • Take Interstate - 84 to exit 20 (old exit 6)

  • After exiting, proceed North about 7/10 mile to the first cross road. Turn left onto Ledgedale Road.

  • Follow Ledgedale Road until you cross the Ledgedale Bridge. Proceed to the stop sign and turn right onto Ledgedale Road (SR-3006).

  • Follow Ledgedale Road to St. Mary's Church Road. Turn right onto St. Mary's Church Road.

  • Follow St. Mary's Church Road to Lacawac Road. Turn right onto Lacawac Road.

  • Follow Lacawac Road to the entrance of Lacawac Sanctuary. (approximately 4.2 miles from I-84).

  • Enter the Sanctuary driveway and proceed at no more than 15 mph for approximately 2 miles. If you are delivering students to the Conservation School, proceed past the "keep out" signs and continue to the end of the road. At the end of the road, you will be in front of the Lodge.

You know you are there when you see the Lodge pictured below.