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2012 Youth Conservation School


Conservation School dates:

School opens at 3 PM on Sunday July 29, 2012. School closes 7:00 PM on Friday August 3, 2012.


What to bring:

Note book .....  pen or pencil  .....  claw hammer  .....  pillow

sleeping bag or sheets & blanket  .....  knapsack

flashlight & batteries  .....  insect repellent  ..... towels & washcloth

tooth brush & toothpaste  .....  soap & shampoo  .....  comb or brush

deodorant  .....  bathing suit  .....  hiking boots  .....  sneakers

warm socks  .....  swamp shoes or old sneakers that can get soaked

prescription medicine and poison ivy medicine (if needed)

rain coat or other rain gear --- we go rain or shine!


Do NOT bring:

radios / cassette / CD players / ipods  .....  laptop computers

video game players  .....   other electronic devices 

junk food / candy  .....  money  ..... jewelry or valuables

knives (of any kind)  .....  laser pointers  .....  hatchets or axes

tobacco products  .....  matches or cigarette lighters

fireworks .....  any item that is prohibited by state or federal law.


Lacawac's Rules for Conservation School Students:

As a Conservation School participant, you are the guest of Lacawac Sanctuary. You are privileged to stay at the sanctuary and therefore all rules must be adhered to.

Use the Sanctuary's buildings and equipment as carefully as you would if you owned them. Keep them clean!

Respect the grounds. Do not destroy the natural surroundings. Do not litter.

No smoking, chewing tobacco, alcohol, or drugs will be tolerated. Any violation will result in immediate dismissal!

No knives or guns of any sort may be brought to the Conservation School.

Students are prohibited from bringing motor vehicles to the Conservation School.

Upon arrival you will be assigned a room. Keep it clean. Do not move the furniture. Use the furniture only for its intended use.

Do not sit on window sills.

No yelling, whistling, etc. from the windows.

Curtains should be closed when you are changing clothes and in the evening when the lights are on.

You are to be in your room at "lights out" and must stay quiet until "wake up call".

No food or medications are allowed in the rooms.

At check-in, check the contents and condition of your room. If anything is missing or broken, report it at once.

At check-out, your room must be as clean, or cleaner, than when you arrived. You will be held responsible for any damage to your room. You will be required to help clean the common areas and grounds.

In case of injury or illness, contact your counselor or the Lacawac curator immediately.

In the event that a serious violation of the rules takes place, your parents will be contacted and you will be sent home.